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I Rock Cleveland I Rock Cleveland | 2007 | January


Bring The Noize

The internet is more powerful than you can ever imagine. Not only can it deliver you vast amounts of information through the air we breathe with ...
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The Post Rock Block feat. Do Make Say Think, Somme, and Mabou

In the past year we've had Rock Blocks, Pop Rock Blocks, Easy Rockin' Rock Blocks, and decidedly Un-Rock Blocks. Today, we enter a new chapter ...
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The First Big Rock Release of 07: Convicts by You Am I

One night, as I knelt at my bedside, I prayed to the big one for a big dose of rock and roll. He assured me that my prayers would be answered. ...
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A song about the movie The Princess Bride with a verse detailing what it means to fight "To the pain?" Inconceivable! Well it turns out, that ...
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Three For The Rockometer: Deerhoof, The Shins, and David Vandervelde

DeerhoofFriend OpportunityKill Rock StarsFriend Opportunity is one of those albums that is very appealing for the critics and the geeks. It has ...
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Where To Rock It

Or, all the shows I would be at if I didn't have that damn day job.Friday, January 26th to Thursday, February 1st.Saturday night, an early 6PM show ...
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“Ain’t It Strange” by Dr Dog

File under: Why didn't anyone tell me Dr Dog were so damn good. Funny thing happened when I sat down to listen to The Shins' Wincing The Night ...
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“In Transit” by Albert Hammond, Jr

Albert Hammond Jr, known to the hipster world as the guitar playing Stroke, has a solo album due out March 6th called Yours To Keep. His six ...
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