Or, proof that music doesn’t always have to rock in the literal sense to rock.

First up in the mini-mix is a cut from NYC based rapper Bisc 1 and his new cut, “Heavy Metal.” It’s like the rap gateway drug for rockers who want to expand their horizons as it prominently features one gigantic guitar riff as Bisc 1 rhymes about our American gun culture.

MP3: Bisc 1 – Heavy Metal

The name Ror-Shak may be new to you, but the producers behind this act, Dj DB and Stakka, have been at it for a long time. DJ DB was responsible for bringing acts like Fatboy Slim and Fischerspooner to Ministry of Sound, while Stakka’s drum n bass resume dates back to the early nineties. The result of their collaboration is an updated take on drum n bass where it’s decidely less schizo and pleasantly more melodic. Their debut disc, Deep, will be available digitally starting tomorrow through Koch Records and will pop up in more traditional outlets on March 7th.

MP3: Ror-Shak – Fate or Faith

Last in our series of bleeps, sweeps and creeps is a remix of Bad Flirt’s “This Song Is A Romance.” I had the debut ep by Bad Flirt a few months back, and quite honestly, it never quite moved me. For whatever reason, in a trad guitar/bass/drum set-up, this tune fell a little flat. Now, this remix is an entirely different affair. True to the name Bad Flirt, the remix has this flirty, sexy feel to it with a meaty bass line and playful keys.

MP3: Bad Flirt vs Hexes and Ohs – This Song Is A Romance (You Look Like Hell Remix)