This rock block is all about chi. I tell you what, those Asian dudes, sure got it right when they talk about keeping balance in your life. Earlier this week, I dropped a Not Rock Block, and ever since that day I’ve been plagued by headaches. Coincidence, you say? No way. It’s bad chi. Let’s take care of that chi, and that pain in my head, with some good old-fashioned rock and roll music.

I can’t think of a better way to kick of a rock block then with the newest single from Panthers. They have a new album, The Trick, due out this spring on Vice. I gotta tell you, The Panthers are dirty. They’re sweaty. They’re fierce. The Panthers are rock and roll.

MP3: Panthers – Uncertainly

Now, most of the time when we talk about blues-rock duos, we’re talking about guitar-drummer combos. The Black Diamond Heavies are a blues rock duo, but not in the traditional sense — they craft their psychedelic blues rock explosions with keys and drums. They have a new album due out on Alive Records on January 23rd, Every Damn Time, and will be hitting the road on an extensive tour starting next week.

Should this one leave you wanting more, head over to my friends over at Hero Hill. They’ve got a great review up for Every Damn Time.

MP3: Black Diamond Heavies – Fever In My Blood

Citing their influences as Norwegian death metal and The Who, Bonk are further proof that Norway is the next Sweden (which was the next Canada, BTW). This track here, “Life Is Noise,” is all about finding a good, heavy, groovy riff and rocking the sh*t out of it. Bad chi, is no longer a problem, my friends.

MP3: Bonk – Life Is Noise.

Remember rockers, there’s nothing wrong with not rocking. You can’t keep that amp at 11 all day and all night. It’s important to reach out and expand your music library, since there’s bound to be times when you’ll wanna listen to indie lite, electronics, or hip-hop. Just don’t forget you’re chi, and you’ll be all right.