It’s that time again. We’re taking a break from the usual rockingness in order to bring you something completely different.

I can name like 73 different genres and sub-genres off the top of my head and Busdriver doesn’t fit into one of them. You’ll see words like hip-hop, rap, drum n bass, and reggae, and electro bandied about, and not one of them works all that well. Sure there’s rapping. There’s drum n bass beats, too. That doesn’t mean Busdriver belongs exclusively to any of them.

“Less Yes’s, More No’s” features Busdriver’s slick delivery over a fat synth wave (check that, this synth wave is not fat, it’s critically obese), epic keys, and fractured beats. I’ve been around the rock block quite a few times, and this one truly is like nothing else you’ll hear. Maybe if Busta Rhymes ever blasted out that track you know he’s capable of, it might be close. Maybe TVOTR could craft such compelling chaos with Busta on board. Then, again. Probably not.

Next, there’s “The Trogladyte Wins,” a tune that is pure Jamaican dancehall and ragga. It’s less adventuresome than the previous track, but is able to compensate nicely for that difference with its silk smooth production and delivery.

MP3: Busdriver – Less Yes’s, More No’s

MP3: Busdriver – The Trogladyte Wins

RoadkillOvercoat, the upcoming release by Busdriver will be out January 30th on Epitaph/Anti-.

Busdriver on Epitaph