Let’s say I wrote for Spin, then this headline would read something like, “Hey, This Is Awesome.” Well, I don’t write for Spin, so it reads more like, “This tune is f*ckin’ awesome.” You see, there’s a subtle difference in the wording. I happen to think my awesome phrase is so much awesomer than their awesome phrase.

MP3: Los Campesinos – You! Me! Dancing!

I’ll forgive you, should you mistake Los Campesinos for being Canadians. It’s a given these days that any band that has more than 6 members and that can be referred to as any combination of “indie,” “pop,” and “collective,” has to be Canadian. They’re Welsh, by the way, and this tune, “You! Me! Dancing!” happened to be a refreshing burst of head bopping, toe tapping, energy on an otherwise dreary Winter day.

Los Campesinos