“We’re getting the band back together,” a phrase famously used by The Blues Brothers, has been uttered in recent days by everyone from Rage Against The Machine and The Jesus and Mary Chain to James. The Police have yet to say those six famous words. While, Dionsaur Jr, The Stooges, Buffalo Tom, and Smashing Pumpkins are already back together and working on new material.

Here’s a quick look at who’s getting the band back together, and what they’re up to these days:

Rage Against The Machine – Confirmed for Coachella
Jesus and Mary Chain – Confirmed for Coachella
James – The classic “Laid” era lineup has scheduled dates in the UK
Crowded House – Recording a new album and will also be at Coachella
Dinosaur Jr – New album with the original lineup is due out May 1st on Fat Possum
The Stooges – The new album recorded with Steve Albini is slated for a March release
Buffalo Tom – 7th Studio album in the works
Smashing Pumpkins – Still working on recording the best album EVER! (according to Billy Corgan)