File under: Why didn’t anyone tell me Dr Dog were so damn good.

Funny thing happened when I sat down to listen to The Shins’ Wincing The Night Away: I couldn’t stop listening to Dr Dog. Earlier in the night, I had stumbled upon the website for We All Belong, Dr Dog’s forthcoming release on Park The Van. This song, “Ain’t It Strange,” was streaming and I couldn’t stop listening. It first appeared on last fall’s ep, Takers and Leavers, and it will make a second appearance on We All Belong. It’s been many a day since I’ve heard a piece of pop music this fine — Beatle-esque inspiration and not in imitation, unique arrangements, and some spot-on harmonies.

MP3: Dr Dog – Ain’t It Strange

For a great time-waster check out that We All Belong website. I was able to take to a bird, then talk to a groundhog, and I won a secret prize. I never did figure out what to do with my secret prize.

Dr Dog
Dr Dog on Park The Van Records
We All Belong Record Release Site