A song about the movie The Princess Bride with a verse detailing what it means to fight “To the pain?” Inconceivable!

Well it turns out, that word, “Inconceivable,” does not mean what you think it means. There is such a song, and it’s called “As You Wish,” by Seattle songwriter David Terry (aka Aqueduct). It’s as awe inspiring as the Cliffs of Insanity, as sweet as Princess Buttercup, and as lovable as the gentle giant Fezzik, played by Andre The Giant.

MP3: Aqueduct – As You Wish

Or Give Me Death, the forthcoming release by Aqueduct will be out February 20th on Barsuk, and while you’re clickin’ about Barsuk, be sure to check out the insanely catchy “Hardcore Nights and Softcore Days” from Aqueduct’s 2004 release, Pistols at Dawn.

Aqueduct on Barsuk Records

photo by Alicia J Rose