The internet is more powerful than you can ever imagine. Not only can it deliver you vast amounts of information through the air we breathe with the magic of wireless networks, it can also read your mind. Not convinced, are you? How else do explain the fact that I’ve been craving, no strike that, jonesing some noise rock, and today I find myself in possession of two prime cuts? Coincidence? No, my friends, the internet was reading my mind and fulfilled my wishes.

Ok, let’s say you’re still not convinced. Here’s the proof.

Exhibit A: “Dead Kid Kicks” by NYC’s experimental, noise rockers, The Muggabears (pictured). On the heels of 06’s Teenage Cops ep, they’re busy putting the finishing touches on their latest release, Night Choreography, and promising to take their art to new levels of dissonance. If “Dead Kid Kicks” is any indication, come March and April your ears are in for one painful treat.

The Muggabears – Dead Kid Kicks.mp3

Exhibit B: “Teenage Lust!” by Times New Viking. Recently, there was a brief mention in these very pages, that new songs from the forthcoming, Times New Viking Present The Paisley Reich, were streaming on myspace. Thanks to the all knowing internet, and one English blog, 20 Jazz Funk Greats, the manic brilliance of “Teenage Lust!” has freed itself from the constraints of myspace. I’ve already listened to this cut a stupid number of times today, and by the time I turn in for the night, it will be a ludicrous number of times. It rocks that f*ckin’ hard and it’s that f*ckin’ good.

Times New Viking – Teenage Lust!.mp3