In the past year we’ve had Rock Blocks, Pop Rock Blocks, Easy Rockin’ Rock Blocks, and decidedly Un-Rock Blocks. Today, we enter a new chapter in the time honored tradition of the Rock Block with our first Post-Rock Block.

From the land of polar bears, moose, and ice, and from the bloodlines of Broken Social Scene, come Do Make Say Think with a new album, You, You’re A History In Rust, due out in the near future, and a Cleveland stop at The Grog Shop on their forthcoming tour. Unfortunately, Do Make Say Think’s last time in town, was marred by the mass of chattering chatters at The House of Blues, and their complexly, melodic sounds were lost amidst hipster gossip. Thanks to the magic of mp3s, headphones and quiet spaces, you’ll find DMST much more enjoyable without that incessant background chatter.

MP3:Do Make Say Think – The Universe

Somme (pictured above) is the work of 20 year-old guitarist, Daniel Medina, and drummer Kenny Preski, from that post-rock haven of Chicago. Their debut ep, Weight, was recorded live in one day on analog equipment in Steve Albini’s Electrical Audio Studios with engineer Greg Norman (High on Fire, Pelican, Mclusky, Magnolia Electric Co.) manning the boards. The results are crushing as Medina lays down lush, long guitars while Preski pounds the sound of impending doom on his kit.

MP3: Somme – Forge

Last in the mix, is the Cleveland band Mabou, on local label Skean Dhu Recordings. Experimental musician / installation artist Steven K. Smith and Cleveland guitarist Stephen Copley released Our last Sleep Is Our Final Awakening this past fall. Playing what they describe as nu-gaze (or psychedelic post-rock for the micro genre challenged) Smith and Copley craft large soundscapes of static charged guitars, ambient noise, manic synths, and primal drum beats.

MP3: Mabou – Kiss With Our Eyes Open