As someone who spends too much of his time thinking about music, and listening to music, it’s easy to fall into a trap where every new tune has to be deconstructed before it can be enjoyed. Not only do I have to enjoy a song, but I feel a certain amount of pressure to be sure I enjoy a song and to be prepared to back it up with big words and solid reasoning. Today, I’ve decided to turn that part of my brain off. You see, I have this new tune by Mezzanine Owls, called “Lightbulb.” On the surface, there’s nothing extraordinary that would separate them from their early nineties, British pop and shoegazing, idolizing peers. However, The Mezzanine Owls do excel in such simple things like, crafting a memorable melody, writing a soaring chorus, and in recording a damn fine tune.

Mezzanine Owls – Lightbulb

Mezzanine Owl’s self released, Slingshot Echoes is out now.

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