You know, there’s something about regular people dancing abnormally that makes for great musical cinema. A couple weeks back, I posted that vid from Fujiya and Miyagi for photocopier that featured one regular (and slightly overweight) Joe displaying his dance moves for the internet. Now comes the vid for “Fibre Provider” by Future of The Left. It’s better than that first one, in that it features lots of normal people and their bad dancing.

Future of The Left feature two members from the much loved, witty (some may say snarky) Welsh rock band, McLusky (Andrew Falkous on guitars and vocals, and Jack William Egglestone on drums) along with new bassist Kelson Louis Tregurtha Mathias. From the title for this vid, “Fibre Provider,” you can tell they’ve still got those wits about them. When you click on that play button, you’ll see they haven’t lost any of their rockingness, either.

Future of The Left

Too Pure

The debut single by Future of The Left, Fingers Become Thumbs, is out now on Too Pure.