There’s another big indie release out today, something buy a band called Bloc Party (Maybe you’ve heard of them before), as well as a handful of other notable releases.

Bloc Party – A Weekend In The City [AOL Listening Station]Forward Russia – Eighteen e.p. [AOL Listening Station]Yoko Ono – Yes I’m a Witch [AOL Listening Station]Peter, Bjorn, and John – Writers Block [AOL Listening Station]
Placebo – Meds (Re-issue) [WINDOWS, REAL]Teddybears – Soft Machine [AOL Listening Station]

Peter, Bjorn, and John is another one I plan on checking out in the next week. Hey, they share their initials with my favorite food (PB&J). It’s been increasingly difficult to ignore this Swedish gem, and equally impossible not to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches every time their name pops up in the press.