I’ve got some exclusive news for you. Trust me, it’s exciting, too.

Apostle of Hustle’s “My Sword Hand’s Anger” is stuck on repeat on the I Rock Cleveland soundsystem.

Need more exclusives?

Here’s another one. I Rock Cleveland, was almost named I Rock Really Large Canadian Bands And All of Their Side Projects, Solo Projects, and Bands Related To All Of Those Bands Including, But Not Limited To The New Pornographers, Broken Social Scene, and Wolf Parade (Even Though That Band Only Has Four Members And It Isn’t Nearly As Big As The Other Two). I found the title clever and witty, but unfortunately, I couldn’t come up with a masthead that could fit on one page.

In case you’re wondering, yes, there is a point to all of this nonsense. Andrew Whiteman, lead guitarist for Broken Social Scene, and the man behind Apostle of Hustle, has absolutely killed it with his first single off of National Anthem of Nowhere, “My Sword Hand’s Anger.” It’s got this great, laid back, rockin’ vibe to it with his trademark guitar sound from BSS making scattered appearances, a driving drum beat, and these bubbly electronic rhythms sitting on the bottom of the mix. It also happens to be as catchy as all get out. When the chorus rings with Andrew singing, “Looking for a new technique,” I can’t help but think to myself, “Man, you’ve got it.”

Apostle of Hustle – My Sword Hand’s Anger

The latest disc by Apostle of Hustle, National Anthem of Nowhere, is out now in Canada, and is also available now from eMusic, while the US street date is not until March 6th.

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