While Cleveland’s This Is Exploding are still working on their second disc, guitarist and vocalist, Joshua Jesty has released upon the unsuspecting denizens of the internets, loads of solo material, under the title Finally Joshua Jesty Is Famous, All The Hits, Vol. 15. Many of the cuts feature a quieter and more intimate style than the ballistic and bombastic This Is Exploding, giving the listener an opportunity to really dig into the emotional qualities of Jesty’s words and voice.

A clear standout on Finally Joshua Jesty is the reserved and brooding number, “This Town Is Quicksand.” Singing with a hush, and backed with an accoustic guitar, the occasional muted electric guitar, and some simple beats, Joshua Jesty voices sentiments of loss, isolation, and helplessness — feelings familiar to any young man living in an old rust belt town, as he watches opportunity pass him by.

MP3: Joshua Jesty – This Town Is Quicksand

The entire 21 song set is available for download at Joshua Jesty’s website. If you look what you hear, consider tossing a couple bucks in the digital equivalent of the open his guitar case, paypal.

Joshua Jesty