I nearly lost my faith in humanity today. I asked a young dude shoveling snow (with a shovel in hand) if I could borrow a shovel from him or one of his two buddies (also holding shovels and also shoveling show), so I could dig my car out of the two and a half feet of snow. His reply? “We don’t got any shovels.” Nice kids we have hear in Lakewood. Ten minutes later I found two other young dudes who were more than happy to help dig my car out in exchange for some cash money. Great kids, nothing like those other kids.

You must know, I’m not writing this post to talk about Lakewood’s youth. I’m writing this post to tell you about the naked dude that interrupted the Action News live money shot of the blizzard.

Naked dude runs wild during blizzard on WOIO newscast (via K Rock Cleveland) [windows media streaming video]

Faith in humanity restored.