The Hard Lessons reverential cover of Neil Young’s “Hey Hey, My My” pulls off a rare feat: it manages to not only leave me jonesin’ for more of the Hard Lessons, but also for more of Neil Young. It’s that kind of performance. Augie’s guitar riffs are nice, thick, and sludgy, just like they should be, and his voice, has that worn quality that suits this song well. Behind the kits, Anvil, puts in his trademark, heavy, heavy pounding. It seems like we’re in for your color by numbers cover, but then the magic happens and Augie turns over the vocals to Ko Ko Louise, who delivers a smoky, sultry, and powerful verse that flat out kills.

MP3: The Hard Lessons – Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black)

The b-sides to the “Hey Hey, My My” single are an extended version of “Hey Hey, My My,” and Ko Ko Louise taking on “Harvest Moon.” Both of those cuts are highly recommended as well.

Information on purchasing the single, as well as a massive list of tour dates can be found at this space.

photo by David Dominic, Jr