While I was out on the internet today, I found quite a few things of interest:

A second song from the new Nine Inch Nails album popped up today. “Survivalism” is streaming over at my good friends Spinner. The RIAA did their best to clean up the NIN leak earlier in the week, even though evidence pointed to the fact it was an inside job. The good news, this one ain’t going anywhere. The bad news, it’s only an audio stream.

Nicholas Megalis has a new version of “Caroline” streaming over at his space. It’s a much fuller recording than the earlier version I had posted in this space. There’s also news out of the Megalis camp that a new full length should be out this year. Very stoked.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club are previewing two new tunes from Baby 81. Scratch that, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club were previewing two new tunes from Baby 81, but the audio player on their website has been removed. Luckily, my pals at Idolator managed to snag one of the tunes before they disappeared.

Lastly, I got an email from Film School this evening, stating that they are going to enter the studio this weekend to begin recording the follow up to last year’s much loved, self-titled release, with eyes on a Summer release on Beggars.