Dr. Dog make my kind of comfort music. They’re rooted in the classic late Sixties and Seventies sounds, in a reverential, not imitative way. Spend any time reading about Dr Dog, and you’ll come across names like The Beatles, The Band, and Neil Young, and any number of other notable acts from our rock and roll past. Sometimes it may seem like the easy way out to say band X reminds me of band Y, but in Dr Dog’s case, it really is a compliment. What I’m trying to say, what all those other dudes are trying to say, is that these cats can write tunes, and lay down a mean melody like nobody’s business. Excuse me while I quote an old beer commercial, but from the raspy, ragged voice of Scott McKicken, to Zach Miller’s sad, sad sounds from that old time organ, and guitarist Frank McElroy’s heart-on-a-string six string, “It just don’t get any better than this.”

MP3:Dr. Dog – Alaska

We All Belong, the latest long player by Dr Dog, is out on iTunes now, and will available nation wide, next Tuesday, February 27th on Park The Van. Also of note, Dr Dog will be in Cleveland at The Beachland Tavern on Tuesday, March 27th.

Dr. Dog