Hard to believe. A song named “Dead Fish on the Banks” is one of the finest and catchiest pieces of pop I’ve come across in a while. In this tale about overcoming childhood fears by Milwaukee’s The Goodnight Loving, uncomfortable imagery like dead fish, darkness, and cemeteries are contrasted with music that bounces along with it’s roots-tinged rhythms, nearly oblivious to these morbid themes. I would be singing aloud with the Goodnight Loving if it wasn’t for the chorus of “Cemetery trails,” and all the folks sitting around me at Caribou Coffee. It might come of as a bit strange. Now, once I leave, and it’s me, open windows, and the road ahead of me, then I’ll sing along, tap the steering wheel, and revel in “Dead Fish On The Banks.”

MP3: The Goodnight Loving – Dead Fish On The Banks

The Goodnight Loving will be in Cleveland this Sunday night at the Beachland Tavern with The Pages and Brennan’s Revenge

The Goodnight Loving