It took a while for me to recognize the rockingness of Marnie Stern. The first couple listens, didn’t quite do it for me. Strangely enough, it was Pitchfork’s debut of her video yesterday, that made me give her a second chance. Two words, “Guitar prodigy” were enough to pique my curiosity. Normally, the phrase “Guitar prodigy” would send me running in the opposite direction. “Guitar prodigy” is a little too close to “Guitar virtuoso” which, in turn, is a little too close to Stevie Vai for my comfort. Still, that was what it took.

Really, when you think about it, it shouldn’t have taken this long to get Marnie Stern in I Rock Cleveland. I like the noise of guitars, and Marnie and sure make that thing scream. “Every Single Line” is a great introduction to her work. That guitar is everywhere in this one. It’s wailing, adventurous, and improvisational, without being overwrought. The second tune, “Put All Your Eggs In One Basket and Watch That Basket!!!” shows what Marnie can do within a more traditional song structure. Fret not rockers. Even within the constraints of a three minute pop song, there’s still plenty of time for shredding.

MP3: Marnie Stern – Every Single Line Means Something
MP3:Marnie Stern – Put All Your Eggs In One Basket And Watch That Basket!!!

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