Picking mp3s ain’t rocket science. There’s no methodology. I don’t pick tracks to be popular on the tops of the blog charts. I don’t plan ahead that often. I have a ginormous music library with tracks picked up from my web journeys and when time comes to start blogging I find something that fits my mood. This morning, I was listening to KEXP at my desk, and heard an old cut by The Buzzcocks. It hit that sweet spot I have for early UK punk. So, naturally, when it came time to dig something up for today, I found a number that carries that same sort of swagger.

Say hello to The Slats, a Minneapolis band whose combination of humor, sincerity, and reputation for writing quirky, unapologetic songs have gained them comparisons to art punks like Art Brut. “Bash The Plastic” is a quick two-minute number that will have you recalling early UK punk, Devo, and perhaps the early Nineties Chapel Hill scene. The chorus, “Bash The Plastic” is hella fun to sing to, and works equally well whether that plastic is your frustration with modern technology, credit card debt, or sh*t records.

MP3:The Slats – Bash The Plastic (Unbreakable)

Note: Depending on the source you’ll see this tune alternately referred to as either “Bash The Plastic” or “Unbreakable.” It’s the same tune.

The Slats
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