If you’re from the Northwest, or if you’re a regular listener of KEXP (like me), then the Saturday Knights need no introduction. Their demos of “45” and “Motorin” have been in heavy rotation on the station for nearly a year. Unfortunately, if you’re not from the Northwest (like me) and you’ve become a fan of this rockin’ hip-hop band, you’ve had the damndest time trying to get your mitts on any of their music. This is the age of the internet, and even with the volume of music (legal and otherwise) out there, you simply couldn’t find a thing by these guys.

With that little intro/non-intro out of the way, we can get to the business at hand — talking about this cut I have here, “45.” I’m a rocker. I have rock in my name and rock at the top of the blog, and I rock The Saturday Knights. Simply put, I dig their sound. “45” is a mix of rock, soul and old school hip-hop, with organs and drums on the rock side, and a classic rap rhtyhm and some heavy scratching on the hip-hop side. More importantly, it’s as catchy as all get out, and the chorus is as clever as they come, “I’m on the dancefloor/ and the dj dropped my 45 /I was so hyped that I dropped my 45 /and everybody just ran, ran, ran, ran.”

Every time I hear this song, I can’t help but picture being on the dancefloor with a dude freaking out, hearing his single on the big soundsystem, then the crowd freaking out after the other 45 hits. My daydream always has the same ending, too: we have a good laugh about it, and just dance, dance, dance, dance.

MP3: The Saturday Knights – 45

Light in The Attic is going to do the listening public a huge favor, and put out a debut EP by The Saturday Knights this Spring, and a full-length to follow later in the year. If you’re in Austin next month for SXSW, mark this band down, and don’t miss ’em.

The Saturday Knights
Light In The Attic