Zee Germans are coming, not with rifles and guns, but with a canon of sloppy, choppy, and fuzzy indie rock, and a love for Sebadoh, Pavement, and Archers of Loaf. It’s not an invasion. It’s a revival of the golden sounds of Nineties lo-fi. You know, the good old days of getting stoned on the sofa, eating the whole bag of Cheetos, thinking about doing things, but deciding there’s nothing better than getting stoned with Cheetos and Pavement.

MP3:Germans – I Am The Teacher [download] MP3:Germans – Tiger Vacuum Bottle [download]

“I Am The Teacher” and “Tiger Vacuum Battle” could have earned the I Rock Cleveland awesomeness label on their own, but Germans went above and beyond the call of the awesome with their stop-motion video for “I Am The Teacher” starring five vintage Macintosh PC’s dancing, playing, and getting hammered.

Germans on Arena Rock Recording Company

Shout out to The Tripwire for once again unearthing the awesome.