In case you missed it, and I did, Wilco held a late night listening party for their new album, Sky Blue Sky, on Saturday night. Messages for this semi-secret party were dropped on various message boards, and web sites during the day on Saturday. It turns out, that it isn’t good enough to be connected to the internet for 23 hours a day. It’s in that 24th hour when all the cool sh*t happens. I’m sure there’s some enterprising youngster who’s already streamed, ripped, and uploaded Sky Blue Sky, so if low quality leaks is your thing, google away.

Today, Wilco gave some more: “What Light” was released on the Wilco web. Early word on the street is that Sky Blue Sky plays like crossbreed of A.M and A Ghost Is Born. “What Light” is more of the trad alt-country style that Tweedy and the boys kicked out years ago. It’s not going to blow you away, and no one will be using the phrase “kraut-rock” to describe it. Instead, with its easy rockin, good natured sounds, you’ll be thinking back to the earlier days of Wilco and albums like A.M, Being There, and Mermaid Avenue. No complaints from this rocker.

Wilco – What Light [download]