Oh, sweet mother of rock, how you tease me with your “Evil Son.” You tease me with a slight psychedelic melody and a string section. I’m nearly convinced that “Evil Son” is headed for a slow death, dehydrating in the middle of a hot western desert. Then it hits, and it rocks really, f’n hard: Two minutes of blazing guitar riffs, battering bass guitars, and thunderous drumming. Man, this is what rock and roll dreams are made of.

MP3: The Willowz – Evil Son

You’ll be hearing more from The Willowz on I Rock Cleveland in the coming weeks. Their third album, Chautaqua, will be out on Dim Mak on March 20th. Additionally, they’ll be in Clevo on Saturday, April 21st at The Beachland Tavern with Buffalo Killers for a big night of riff-normous rock and roll.

The Willowz
Dim Mak Records