Before you ask, yes I do believe Andrew Falkous says, “She’s got a lot of pickled onions hanging from her thighs,” in the first verse of “The Lord Hates a Coward.” No I haven’t a clue why someone would have pickled onions hanging from their thighs. It’s gotta be a Welsh thing. Could it be a magic charm to bring more vowels into their language? Who knows?

I do know rock and roll, and pickled onions or no pickled onions, Future Of The Left F’N Rock.

MP3:Future of The Left – The Lord Hates a Coward

A slightly different version of “The Lord Hates a Coward” appears on Future of The Left’s debut ep, Fingers Become Thumbs. This is the free version scammed from Myspace.

Future of The Left
Future of The Left Myspace (for more tuneage)

Future of The Left – “Fibre Provider” video