Slaraffenland can be quite an intimidating band name to pronounce. My advice is to take it slowly, and break it down into syllables: Slar-af-fen-land. After a few tries, it’ll roll off your tongue as easily as Parma.

Slaraffenland (remember my tip) hail from Denmark and tread in the same sonic territory as Kid A era Radiohead, or Sigur Ros (if they sang in English or in any other intelligible language for that matter). Today’s tune, “Polaroids” is a slow mesmerizing, electronic folk number with beeps and sweeps that hover pleasantly in the background. It’s quiet, reserved, surprisingly complex. The guitars, percussion, horns, and keys all have an equal stake in this one as not one sound, or instrument ever tries to dominate the mix.

A lot of bands can learn a thing or two from Slaraffenland, and how they manage to craft well orchestrated pop music without sounding like a bunch of heavy, self-importnat, indie wank jobs. Subtlety matters.

MP3:Slaraffenland – Polaroids

Private Cinema by Slaraffenland will be released May 15th on Home Tapes.

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