Today’s Rock Block doesn’t have a catchy title, but it does have a theme — extended jams. Each song in the rock block clocks in at the 6 minute mark or longer.

First in the mix is The Soft Explosions from NYC. I came across their tune “Weapons of Love” on Dead Bess Volume 5. You can call it cock rock if you want. It isn’t the best description for this 8 1/2 minute psychedelic/garage rock freak-out, but I imagine a weapon of love is a lot like a love missile, which in turn would mean it kinda is cock rock.

MP3:The Solf Explosions – Weapons of Love

If we’re judging a band by its name, then Pterodactyl has to rock. Think about it. Bands named after pre-historic animals always rock — T Rex, Mastodon. Ok, I can name only two, but the truth is that a band wouldn’t name themselves after a dinosaur if they didn’t rock. Noise rock is my lazy description of “Esses” — the middle third is a cacophonous slaughterhouse, and I love it.

MP3:Pterodactyl – Esses

My musical journey that brought me to Gowns went something like this. Parts and Labor, then onto Cardboard Records for Pterodactly, and this in turn led me to label mates Gowns. “White Like Heaven” stretches over 8 minutes. It’s one of those tunes with so much tension that it’s always threatening to explode. Yet, outside of the drums that periodically blast like an avant garde fireworks display behind the constant wall of reverb, squeals, and scratches, it never goes off. The first time through, I was a bit disappointed that “White Like Heaven” never exploded. On successive listens, I came to realize it was the tension that never really went away that really made this one a killer tune.

vGowns – White Like Heaven

The band formerly known as Tarantula AD, is now Priestbird (pictured above). As their sound continued to evolve, from schizophrenic to structured, the band members felt this new direction deserved a new name. “Season Of The Sun” is the first track available from their first album as Priestbird, due out this Spring on Kemado. It’s six minutes of smoky, dreamy, psychedelic rock that’s perfect for dreaming, or wishing that you were lost in a dream.

MP3:Priestbird – Season Of The Sun