Wild Sweet Orange have been featured on I Rock Cleveland a couple times over the past year. They’re still from Birmingham, AL, they’re still cranking out compelling tunes, and to the best of my knowledge, they’re still unsigned and have yet to release a proper debut.

Their latest number, “Land of No Return,” popped up on myspace the other day. It came with a note that it was recently featured in an episode of Gray’s Anatomy during a “dramatic moment.” Yeah, I’ll admit it. An appearance in a prime time drama makes Wild Sweet Orange dangerously close to being labeled a Starbucksian, Braff-tastic band. Maybe I’m going soft, but I’m not really bothered by these things any more. Bands gotta get paid these days. Plus, “Land of No Return” is a damn fine tune.

MP3:Wild Sweet Orange – Land Of No Return

Wild Sweet Orange

The last time we checked in with Beat Radio in 2006, they had released their debut album, The Great Big Sea, free to the people of the internet, and later recorded an excellent cover of “Everyone’s Starting Over” by The Diggs. They’re finishing up work on a new EP, tentatively titled, Safe Inside The Sound, due out later this spring. They have a real knack for writing powerful pop songs complimented by carefully layered instrumentation, while maintaining an airy, spacious quality to their music. “People Are Talking” is no exception.

MP3:Beat Radio – People Are Talking

Beat Radio