Today’s rock lesson: your band name matters. Consider The Poison Arrows from Chicago. Excellent band made up of Adam Reach (41 Rivers), Patrick Morris (Don Caballero), and Justin Sinkovich (Atombombpocketknife), and for the longest time I wouldn’t listen to them because the phrase “Poison Arrow” is connected with that ABC song from the 80’s with the repulsively addictive chorus, “Shoot that poison arrow through my hearrrrrt, shoot that poison arrow.” I’m not saying this is fair. It’s simply the way my mind works. The cure to this poison arrow aversion is to listen to the music, of course. Pretty simple. Once I gave “Lockaway” a spin, my fears were alleviated.

Since The Poison Arrows are from Chicago, comparisons to classic Touch and Go bands, as well as Chicago post-rock are inevitable. “Lockaway” plays out like vintage Girls Against Boys, if the boys from Girls Against Boys, were weighed down with heads full of Robotussin — the tempo is a bit slower, but it still has high levels of danger and cockiness thanks to the rumbling bass lines, too-cool to sing vocals, and ominous guitars.

MP3:The Poison Arrows – Lockaway

The Poison Arrows’ latest release, Straight Into The Drift ep, is out now on File 13. They will be appearing this Thursday at the Grog Shop with Battles. I was playing dumb about Battles last week for the sake of making a pitchfork joke, this is a night you won’t want to miss.

The Poison Arrows

File 13