The Cleveland Scene ran a lengthy piece on the Black Angels this week. They play the Beachland Tavern on Monday with Vietnam. The Beachland’s website says “tickets are going fast.” I heard a rumor that it may be moved to the Ballroom, but do you want to take that chance?

Ted Leo has been everywhere. This evening while I was stuck on that massive 480 back up, Ted was talking with Melissa Block on NPR. Tomorrow night, NPR will be broadcasting Ted Leo And The Pharmacists from the 930 club. And there’s still more — Ted Leo will be hosting MTV2’s Subterranean on April 9th.

Art Brut announced a release date of June 26th
for Complicated, the follow up to the most awesome Bang Bang Rock & Roll. Also on the horizon, Buffalo Tom will have a new release on New West, and The Diggs will also have a new one out this summer.

On a local note, Coffinberry will have a new album out on Morphius this Spring. You can hear a couple of those tunes now on myspace. The release party is set for May 5th at The Beachland Tavern with This Moment in Black History, The Lindsay, and Series.

Former Oberlin resident, Matt Mehlan is back with a new band, Skeleton and The Kings of All Cities. Head over to Spinner, where you can hear a new track from Lucas, SATKAC’s forthcoming release on Ghostly International.

Finally, remember that band Radio Moscow that I was raving about on Sunday? Alive Records has just posted the video for “Mistreating Queen” on youtube. Rock it.