Fun. Such a plain and simple word. Yet, it’s the best word one can use to describe The Detroit Cobras. Their mix of garage, rock, and soul is pure and simple fun. You see, when I’ve got the Detroit Cobras on the Soundsystem, I can’t help but get up, get down, shake, shimmy and boogie across the floor. True, this can lead to some embarrassing moments, like when I’ve gotta boogie through the office corridors, but I can guarantee those other cubies aren’t having a good time.

I first got hip to The Detroit Cobras with 2005’s Baby, and now with 2007’s Tied and True, I find myself falling in love with this band all over again. Rachel Nagy has one of the sexiest, most powerful voices in Rock ‘N’ Roll today. Partner in crime, Mary Ramirez, supplies the hot, nasty licks on the six string.

Fun. It seems to be a lesson lost on many of today’s rockers. I’ve got an idea and it goes like this: instead of trying so hard to make the biggest, baddest album ever, why don’t you plug in and rock out. Songs like “Green Light” make fighting suburban traffic a blast. If “Leave My Kitten Alone” is on the stereo, I don’t mind taking care of the cat boxes. While “(I Wanna Know) What’s Going On” has introduced a move I like to call “The Kitchen Sink Boogaloo.” Forget high art and haircuts, it’s time for some Rock ‘N’ Roll fun.

From the forthcoming Tied and True:
The Detroit Cobras – (I Wanna Know) What’s Going On [download]

From 2005’s Baby:
The Detroit Cobras – I Wanna Holler (But This Town’s Too Small) [download]

Since we’re talkin’ about good times, even better than the “Kitchen Sink Boogaloo” is seeing The Detroit Cobras Live. To enter a chance to win two tickets to this Friday’s show at The Beachland Ballroom courtesy of I Rock Cleveland and Bloodshot Records, send an email to irockcleveland at with the phrase “Detroit Cobras Tickets” in the subject line. The Contest will be open until midnight Thursday. The winner will be notified Friday morning.

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