All you Rockers should mark down the date May 1st. Not only are new albums by Dinosaur, Jr and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club due out that Tuesday, but Coffinberry’s latest, God Dam Dogs, is due out that day as well. You’re going to be really surprised when you hear this one. It’ll hold its own against those high profile releases, and it may even be better. I’m not sayin’ this because Coffinberry are Cleveland Rockers and I’m a Cleveland Rocker, I’m sayin’ this because God Dam Dogs is that goddamn good.

MP3:Coffinberry – Earthworms In The Sun

Coffinberry Myspace

When I bought the Very Knees single for “Pour Poor Moi” and “Ohio Peaches” after their show opening for The Thermals and The Big Sleep, I distinctly remember joking with singer/guitarist Dave Petrovich about “Leaking this sh*t all over the internets.” You see, this is funny since The Very Knees aren’t the type of band that would excite all of the bittorrent jockeys scouring internet’s black market for the latest Arcade Fire cd. It’s also a bit ironic, since here we are a month later, and “Pour Poor Moi” is available as a free download at myspace (and now as a free download on I Rock Cleveland). All leaking aside, “Pour Poor Moi” is yet another trashy, art punk burner from one of Cleveland’s finest undergound acts.

MP3:The Very Knees – Pour Poor Moi

The Very Knees

Coffinberry photo by Angelo Merendino
The Very Knees photo was originally by Jeff Sierputowski