Electralene give the warm and fuzzies. They’re nothing like that band who gave me the warm and fuzzies yesterday. I understand this is a lot of warm and a lot of fuzzy for two days, but there’s still way to much snow on the ground in Cleveland for April, and I’m desperate for anything that won’t get my socks all soggy.

“To The East” with its irresistable mix of vintage organs, sparse guitars, and vocal harmonies can take me anywhere away from the frigid, snow covered shores of Cleveland. I’m not concerned where. It could be Buffalo or Pittsburgh as far as I’m concerned. I’ve got an afternoon, a sweet tune in my head, and plenty of dreaming to come up with a better place than here.

MP3:Electrelane – To The East

The latest by Electrelane, No Shouts, No Calls, will be out April 30th on Too Pure. Also of note,
Electrelane will be at the Grog Shop on May 21st with The Blow and Tender Forever.

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