The opening cut on Grinderman’s self-titled release, “Get It On,” is a fierce representation of what you can expect from Nick Cave in this new slimmed down model of The Bad Seeds. Consider it their devolution – taking the music away from grand arrangements, back to its purest, most primal form with four men in a band plugging in and rocking out.

There’s one shard of guitar, in “Get It On,” before Cave spits out like a madman: “I’ve got to get up to get down and start all over again/Head on down to the basement and shout/Kick those white mice and black dogs out/Kick those white mice and babboons out/Kick those babboons and other motherf*ckers out and get it on.” At that point, the band responds to the call to arms the only way a rock and roll primate can: with teeth baring tenacity.

MP3:Grinderman – Get It On