I’ve never been one to bother with the whole “Artist of The Day”,”Best New Music”, or “Highly Recommended” type things, but let’s say for a second that I did, then this trio from Columbus, Ohio, Two Car Garage, who sound as if they were raised on Budweiser, The Replacements, and The American Quarter Horse Congress, would surely be my highly recommended best new artist of the day.

“No Shame,” is Two Car Garage’s lament on hard work, Rock ‘N’ Roll, and endless touring, and one of the strongest cuts from III. I’m sure this sentiment resonates with countless others who have dedicated their lives to rock, where “There’s a guitar, that’s leaning on my wall, the instrument of my ultimate downfall. And notebooks scattered all over my floor. Six hundred pages all filled with regrets, and hundreds of songs that ain’t finished yet. And a job application getting harder to ignore.” Yet, in spite of these doubts, there’s this hint of resolve in the chorus, not necessarily in the words themselves, “There ain’t no shame in just giving up and walking away,” but in the way they’re delivered with so much conviction. If you play 200 dates a year and do your damned best every night, then what’s there to regret? No, it’s not the traditional American dream, where anyone can be a millionaire with dedication and desire. This is something much more real.

MP3:Two Cow Garage – No Shame

III is available now on eMusic and will see its proper release on April 24th. You can stream the cd in its entirety on the Two Cow Garage website.

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