I’m going to let Skull Time do their own introduction (from Skull Time on Myspace): While other bands claim to “rock”, so do we. And while other bands are offering their “own brand” of something or other, so do we. And lastly, while other bands have some “classic rock influence with a modern twist”, so do we. Oh, they’re so modest. What they neglect to mention is that while they may be a rock band with classic and modern influences, they’re also a band of master shredders.

The recipe for “Birthquake” may be pretty simple: take one good, heavy riff, and then rock the f*ck out of it, however, it’s a recipe that’s worked for years, and when it’s done to perfection, there’s nothing tastier on a rocker’s palette.

MP3:Skull Time – Birthquake

The self titled debut by Skull Time is out now on Latest Flame.

Skull Time
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photo by Mark Dawursk: http://www.markphoto.net