LA’s No Age remind me of another duo playing melodic and damaged art-punk, Cleveland’s Very Knees, but with one important difference: No Age get their headlines from p4k, while The Very Knees get their press from me. Home town bias aside, “Everybody’s Down” has been wedged in my head from the moment I heard it. It’s short, swift, and sweet — clocking in at just over two minutes, going from sparse and rickety (just a guitar and some beeps and sweeps) in verse one, to rapid fire, static charged assault in verse two.

MP3:No Age – Everybody’s Down [download] MP3: No Age – Neck Escaper [download]

Weirdo Rippers by No Age will be out June 11th on Fat Cat in Europe, but those of use stateside will have to wait until August 28th for the awesomeness to arrive. It is a compilation of sorts, collecting tunes from the five vinyl only releases they put out earlier in the year on UTR, Deleted Art, Teardrops, Youth Attack, and PPM.

I can’t close this post without a shout out to Audiversity, for introducing me to the weirdo rippers in No Age.

No Age
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