This extended mix of psychedelic, ambient, noise, and done (a.k.a not rock) was inspired by the freak out work outs by Dungen, ILM’s ongoing discussion on what’s new in the category of weird sh*t, and my own desire to find more sounds that can’t be described with the combination of these two words: indie and pop. It started out as the traditional four song rock block, went way beyond that to a mix that stretched out way past the hour mark, then pared itself back down to a more manageable size.

As for what to expect with this mix? Well, if I was a genre inventor I’d place Knives of Resistance, Lichens, and Blues Control in something called big bong, post-psych. “Can’t Roll Back” by Strategy reminds me of some of the trip-hop mixes I had picked up in the late Nineties when trip-hop was going to be the next big beat. Maserati is more along the lines of post-rock, and Worrytrain, on local label Skean Dhu provides a spacey, ambient cello piece. Lastly, be very careful with that track by Raccoo-oo-oon. I’m pretty sure that too many listens will transform you into a drooling, babbling, indecipherable fool. The song is amazing, but I wouldn’t go to sleep with it on repeat.

Knives ov Resistance
– Rosicrucion

Strategy – Can’t Roll Back

Worrytrain – Broken Hymn and Bondage Overhead

Maserati – 12/16

– Vevor of Agassou

Raccoo-oo-oon – Black Branches

Blues Control – Tenku You