“Hang Love” adheres to the take a big riff, add a big spliff, and run with it school of rock. In this case, our lead riff is slow, sludgy, heavy, and an oh so tasty slab that dominates the mix. A second, snaky, slinky riff, tries it’s best to be heard, but, really it’s no match for the sludgy one. There’s other stuff going on in this number, like words and such, but what’s the point in talking about it, when you’re better off setting the soundsystem to shake ‘n’ quake and rocking out.

MP3:Burning Brides – Hang Love

The Burning Brides went to major label hell and back to record their new album Hang Love. It’s due out June 19th on the new imprint Modart. To hear more from this album check out that myspace page, or stop over at Paper Thin Walls where you can download “She Comes To Me.”

Burning Brides

photo by Victoria von Brauchitsch