I don’t have my copy of the songwriter’s handbook with me today, but I’m willing to be there’s a rule in there somewhere that a song about Delia can’t be a happy song. Do you remember the murder ballad by Johnny Cash, “Delia’s Gone?” Great song, but it won’t exactly have you dancing in the streets. Similary, “Delia” by Wooden Wand, has a rather ominous vibe about it with the specter of an imminent death hanging on each strum of the guitar string. It’s filled with images of buzzards, vultures, devils, and hell. However, unlike Johnny Cash’s Delia, she’s not lying in a grave, rather, she’s the one serving death as a means of truth. I’m sorry if your name’s Delia, but the reality is that there will never be a happy ending to your tune.

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James and The Quiet by Wooden Wand will be out June 12th on Thurston Moore’s Ecstatic Peace

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