I like surprises. I’m not talking about those bad surprises like the time I left for work one morning and couldn’t remember where I parked my car on the street, only to figure out five minutes later that my car was towed, or that other time when I kept smelling this rancid smell and I had no idea where it was coming from, then I realized that jeff the cat had micterated upon my shirt, no I’m talking about good surprises.

“Transistor Kids” by Foundry Field Recordings starts at as your basic woe is me, I’m so sad I should write a song about it, indie tune. It’s pleasant, albeit a bit remarkable. Than, out of nowhere, SURPRISE. They find their effects pedals and release a relentless wave of humming guitars. That unremarkable piece of sad indie, is now something stirring and memorable.

MP3:Foundry Field Recordings – Transistor Kids

The Fallout Stations EP by Foundry Field Recordings will be released June 5th on Emergency Umbrella.

Foundry Field Recrodings
Emergency Umbrella