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I Rock Cleveland I Rock Cleveland | 2007 | June


Machine Go Boom, Hallelujah The Hills, State of Ohio, and Miranda Sound. Parish Hall Cleveland. 06.29.07

I never claimed to be the smartest music blogger in all the land. If I was, I would have figured out early in the night that since the speaker on ...
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"July 4, 2004" by Jason Anderson

There's a certain joy and reverie that Jason Anderson brings to his music that makes Springsteen comparisons and classic rock allusions seem ...
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"Justine" by 120 Days

120 Days were one of the biggest rock revelations of 2006. Whoever thought that an epic, spacey kraut-rock band from Norway could, um, rock? I ...
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Where To Rock It

Live Shows in Cleveland Friday, June 29th to Thursday July, 5th.Featured Shows:Any description of Machine Go Boom invariably includes words like: ...
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"Give Thanks and Praises" by Bad Brains

Isn't it great when a band you listened to years ago, releases their reunion album and it doesn't suck? Even better, what if that comeback album ...
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Ins, Outs, What Have Yous

I just got word from the inbox that Two Cow Garage will be playing the Beachland on Saturday, August 25th. I don't know how this news makes you ...
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Vampire Weekend

I like to think that my Midwestern surroundings provide me with a fairly effective buzz shield. I'm able to see right through most of the artists ...
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The Icky Thump 10 Point Review Generator

Finally, a review that everyone will agree with. Answer these 10 simple questions concerning the White Stripes, then go to the end of the quiz and ...
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