Here’s a thought to ponder. Did the word angular stop being used to describe post-punk guitars because it became cliche, or was it because no one played angular guitars any more? Yeah, I know, angular is the least descriptive words available in the rock and roll lexicon, but humor me here, and think about it. When was the last time you came across a band that did justice to the legacy of Jawbox or Fugazi. I’ll offer one up. Division of Planes. They’ve got everything a jaded fan of nineties post-punk could ever want — the (ick) angular rhythms, delicate interplay between the rock trinity of guitar, bass, and drums, and solid melodies hiding behind the spit, swagger, and sweat.

MP3:Division of Planes – Briscoe
MP3:Division of Planes – Disarray

Division of Planes will be at Now That’s Class this Friday with The Vapids, Hollywood Blondes and The Chrome Kickers.

Division of Planes
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