There’s more to the Believer’s annual music edition than the Sufjan Stevens “rock” song. Writer, Joe Hagan, traveled to Cleveland in an attempt to find out what happened to Bill Fox from The Mice, and why he disappeared from the music scene following his late nineties solo releases on SpinArt. It’s a fascinating read, but unfortunately this piece is only available in the print copy of the mag since Fox specifically requested that it not be released on the internet. Therefore, in respecting his wishes, I’m reluctant to say too much about Hagan’s attempt to learn more about Fox. I can tell you that Hagan’s first impression of Cleveland, “From the airplane, Cleveland looks as glum and brown as an overripe banana,” is a little rough. I tend to take offense when outsiders describe Cleveland as a giant turd. I’m not going to deny that it’s a bit of a turd, but it’s our turd, and if someone’s going to call Cleveland a turd, I’d prefer it if that person were a Clevelander. I can also say that there’s a scene in the story that takes place during the Revelers’ reunion show this past March at the Beachland Tavern where Fox’s brother, Tommy Fox, was manning the drum kit, and upon finishing the story, I had no choice but to rock out with The Mice, and that’s about it.