Biographies may not make music on their own, but one like Joan Wasser’s certainly can’t hurt. It includes working relationships with Rufus Wainright and Antony and The Johnsons, a personal relationship with Jeff Buckley, a classical violin background at Boston University, and time in the Nineties alt-rock band, The Dambuilders. Yet, all of those connections would mean nothing if it wasn’t for her passionate, soulful and haunting voice that dominates Real Life, the full length debut by Joan as Police Woman.

The usually, reserved British press was floored by Real Life in 06. They don’t drop words like stunning, hypnotic, sublime, and beautiful every day. Well, ok, they do, but in the case of Joan as Police Woman, it’s hard not to join in the praise-a-thon because songs like “The Ride” really are stunning, beautiful, sublime and hypnotic.

MP3:Joan as Police Woman – The Ride

Real Life by Joan as Police Woman is out now on Cheap Lullaby Records.

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