I am an independent blogger. I’m not one to be influenced by name-dropping. Sure, 1990s’ Jackie McKeown did spend some time in the Nineties in the Yummy Furs, an outfit that did include Alex Kapranos and Paul Thomson, both of whom would later gain fame in Franz Ferdinand. Seriously, these things don’t sway me one bit. I could care less that they recorded a b-side with Lovefoxx of CSS, and it doesn’t impress me that they have buzzworthy fans in Beth Ditto of The Gossip and Kate Jackson of The Long Blondes. Ok, maybe I’m lying a bit. The name dropping may have gotten my initial attention, but it was the tunes that combined the urban cool of Lou Reed and Jim Carroll, with the swagger of the Stones, that ultimately hooked me in.

MP3:1990s – You’re Supposed To Be My Friend

The single, “See You At The Lights” by 1990s is out now on World’s Fair/Rough Trade. The full length, Cookies, will follow on July 31st.

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