Coffinberry are headlining a show at The Beachland Tavern on Saturday night. Odawas was originally scheduled to appear, but have been since scratched from the bill. Joining Coffinberry will be Brian Straw and Muttering Retreats. If you’re just tuning in to I Rock Cleveland, Coffinberry’s God Dam Dogs remains one of my favorite discs from 07, and they certainly didn’t disappoint the last time I caught them live.

Coffinberry – Earthworms in the Sun [download]

Also on Saturday night, The Stills, Blazer, and The Very Knees rock the Grog Shop stage.

Continuing the top jams of 07 theme
, Boggs, whose album Forts plays like a cross between Paul Simon’s Graceland vs The Clash’s Sandinista, and sounds a whole let better than that description, will appear at the Beachland Tavern Tuesday night with Greg Ashley (Gris Gris), BlkTygr, and Sam Goldberg.

Minus Story will be at The Grog Shop on Wednesday, June 26th with Old Canes and His Hideous Heart. This show was previously scheduled for Thursday, and when this show was moved to Wednesday, The Go, Freer, and Boatzz were moved to Tuesday. Minus Story have recently started a tour diary that includes the Minus Story story as told in photos. It’s about 45 slides long, and at the end there’s a nine song Minus Story compilation available for download. I went through the whole thing, as I wasn’t smart enough to figure out how to skip to the end, and believe it or not, dudes have beards in all 45 pictures — even when they were 13.

Minus Story – Stitch Me Up [download]