Usually when a writer tells you that a song feels like a fist to the teeth, or a boot to the balls, he’s exaggerating. It’s what we in the business like to call hyperbole. That painful blow is nothing more than a friendly, locker room tap on the a**. There’s no exaggeration with Gallows. The big riff guitars, hardcore spitting, and punk fury of “Orchestra of Wolves” really hits that hard.

MP3:Gallows – Orchestra of Wolves

Orchestra of Wolves by Gallows will be out July 10th on Epitaph.


Our second shot of rock comes all the way from Cleveland, Ohio. Echoes of Harper’s Ferry play the type of no nonsense punk and rock that the Midwest should be famous for. It’s completely oblivious to the coasts and what’s considered hip and trendy (and that is a good thing). There’s no image. There’s no fashion. There’s nothing to get. It’s rock and roll.

MP3:Echoes of Harper’s Ferry – Back to Cleveland

Echoes of Harper’s Ferry have loads of shows throughout NE Ohio in the coming months. Check out that place myspace for dates and venues.

Echoes of Harper’s Ferry on Myspace

Gallows photo by Michael